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Private Label

Drawing on our years of experience in the manufacture of hygiene products, company «Parus» offers cooperation to the network and other wholesale companies in the manufacture of paper products under the customer’s brand name. The services provided in the private label direction have been appraised by the company’s customers. The technologies used in the manufacture, allow applying a customer’s logo to a package and a product itself. The napkins with a logo of a chosen density can be packaged by 50, 100 or 500 pcs. per package, and the paper handkerchiefs — 10 pcs. per package. Stable supply of the raw materials and modern production facilities enable to set up the guaranteed quality paper products manufacture within a reasonable period.


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Application of multi-colored logo on a napkin

Our clients

SAVSERVICE Таврия В Шик & Блиск Укрзалізниця ТМ Копiйка Petrom Наш Край


The process of the paper napkins manufacture (Ukraine) begins with the clean paper embossing. Then, certain types of the paper handkerchiefs are scented. Depending on a chosen design, a colorful pattern or logo is applied to a napkin. All the scents and colorants used are approved for manufacture of the hygiene products. Next, the embossed paper is cut and packaged in accordance with the packaging ordered. Every stage of manufacture is under constant Quality Control Department supervision. By improving the automation processes, using only environmentally friendly raw materials, "Parus"TM guarantees high quality of the finished products, confirmed by the relevant quality and hygiene certificates.

О нас

About company

"Parus" TM is a well-known Ukrainian manufacturer of the hygiene paper products. The range of "Parus" TM includes paper napkins in a variety of designs and paper handkerchiefs. The company started manufacturing in 1996 and since that, only the most modern special-purpose equipment has been used there. In Ukraine, a paper napkin is one of the most important consumer hygiene products, so the entire process of its manufacture, from embossing to packing, is fully automated. The company purchases the high-quality raw materials for paper both, from the European and domestic manufacturers. Today, "Parus" TM means beautiful and high quality products, liked by the Ukrainians, and meeting the most stringent international standards.

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27th km of Starokievsky highway, build. 1a,
Limansky district, Odessa region, Ukraine


+38 048 750-49-02/03/04
Sales department: +38 068 998-77-88



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